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How did you manage to keep this under wraps throughout your pregnancy and what prompted the decision to do so? Rishi and I both value privacy in our personal lives. We conceived a couple of years after we decided to have a baby, and he was a preemie, born at seven months, so instinctively we wanted to protect him, without the distraction that follows media attention.” The baby is almost five months now and we haven’t seen any pictures of him on social media or any media outlet.Do you intend to keep him out of the media spotlight completely? “Just like each child is unique, the experience of being a parent is also individual.Are there date nights anymore or is all of your attention focused on the baby?“Of course Nihal gets a lot of our attention, but Rishi and I do make time to be with each other. We’ve made Nihal a part of the life we’ve always lead with travel, adventure and exploration.But my backbone and fairy godmother to Nihal, is my cousin Simran who lives close by.She’s my sounding board and an ever ready babysitter for Nihal when I travel.” Is there a parenting rule you never break?My character is a crime reporter who is writing a book on police encounters.If at all I can draw any parallel it will be to Jay Dey.

And we avoid access to screens of all kinds.” Have the relationship dynamics between Rishi and you changed since a baby came into the house?My character, Nandini, is very different from other roles I have played. We sorted out all these issues and got our priorities right and started dating almost nine years ago. We know what his schedule is going to be a month in advance. I try and plan my schedules and finish my work when he is busy. He was a little reluctant because he wanted to stay away from the media. I give him his space and he gives me mine, yet he is always there for me when I can't deal with certain situations in my life. The film looks at attraction and love that goes beyond good looks. Along the way he dated some girls and I dated some guys. I was financially independent and that's when I spoke to Rishi. I was disappointed because I thought he was out of my reach.

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“Seeing Nihal wake up and smile.” What has been the hardest period of motherhood for you and how did you deal with it?

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