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You can bend in a certain way so that it just works. It flows very beautifully, whereas Czech is quite hard and when you sing in Czech it just doesn't flow as well.

English is just the perfect language for music in my opinion. When you say something, everyone knows what you're talking about whereas English is a bit vaguer.

Encouraged by Glen Hansard, she soon began writing her own songs and playing concerts with The Frames' frontman around the Czech Republic.

She has since toured extensively with Hansard in Ireland, the United States and several other countries.

Although Glen Hansard is no stranger to such success having been a well known figure on the Irish and international music scenes since the early 1990s with his band The Frames, it was the first time his collaborator Marketa Irglova came to widespread attention.

Nevertheless, this nineteen-year-old singer and composer from the Moravian town of Valasske Mezirici is herself something of a musical veteran, as she has toured and performed regularly with Glen Hansard for a number of years.

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Having met Marketa's parents previously at a concert he played in Prague, Glen and his band were guests at her house the night before The Frames were due to play: "A day before their gig, we had a garden party. They gathered around the fire and the guitar was there and so we were playing guitars and singing and because I knew The Frames' record I was singing their track Star, Star a lot and Glen was like 'Wow, that's great'.

So he got me up on stage to sing it with them the next day.

Once she's finished that she plans to move Ireland, a country she claims to have special feelings towards and where she hopes - at least for a while - to take a break from the frenetic life she has led up to now: "I want to get a regular job, which is going to feel really strange.

There's something strange about having to be somewhere at something like ten o'clock every morning.

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