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"Expiration date" means the date after which the manufacturer does not recommend that the product be consumed, and up to which it maintains its microbiological and physical stability and nutrient content declared on the label.Expiration dates are not required on all foods, but only on foods for special dietary use.Similarly, packaged-on dates must also be grouped together with the date, using the words "packaged on" and "".The best-before date may appear anywhere on the package.It is acceptable to declare a "freeze by" date in addition to, and that is the same as, the "best before" date in a clear statement indicating that the product can be frozen if not consumed by the "best before" date.Information about dates on pre-packaged food is a valuable source of information for consumers.Together, the "packaged on" date and durable life information tell consumers about the anticipated amount of time that an unopened food product will retain its quality and freshness.An expiration date is not the same as a best-before date.

Durable life means the anticipated amount of time that an unopened food product, when stored under appropriate conditions, will retain its: ".

Food should not be bought, sold or eaten if the expiration date has passed. The Food and Drug Regulations state the terms "use by" and "employez avant" may replace "best before" for prepackaged fresh yeast only.

It must be presented in the same form and manner as the best-before date.

If manufacturers and retailers choose to provide customers with this information, they must follow the required manner of declaration (see the next section).

The best-before date must be identified using the words "best before" and "" grouped together with the date, unless a clear explanation of the significance of the best-before date appears elsewhere on the label.

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