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The Headband Shoppe A glamerous outfit for this special night :) We want to thank all our supporters and followers from this past year and hope to see you next year! maakt gebruik van cookies en vergelijkbare technieken van haar of derden om I) het gedrag van bezoekers vast te leggen en te analyseren om de websites en apps te verbeteren, II) om het mogelijk te maken content via social media te delen en III) om de inhoud van haar websites en advertenties beter af te stemmen op jouw interesses en IV) om informatie te verzamelen over jouw voorkeuren en de informatie toe te voegen aan jouw klantprofiel.The trial will show whether early treatment of congenital CMV infected children with hearing impairment prevents deterioration of hearing loss and to what extent. Fowler KB, Mc Collister FP, Dahle AJ, Boppana S, Britt WJ, Pass RF. Lanari M, Lazzarotto T, Venturi V, Papa I, Gabrielli L, Guerra B, Landini MP, Faldella G. The outcome may lead to implementation of congenital CMV testing in the neonatal hearing screening program or possibly into the newborn blood screening. Korver AM, de Vries JJ, Konings S, de Jong JW, Dekker FW, Vossen AC, Frijns JH, Oudesluys-Murphy AM; DECIBEL collaborative study group. Progressive and fluctuating sensorineural hearing loss in children with asymptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus infection. Neonatal cytomegalovirus blood load and risk of sequelae in symptomatic and asymptomatic congenitally infected newborns. After informed consent infants will be offered treatment before the age of 13 weeks (6 weeks valganciclovir 32 mg/kg daily dose; oral solution).Parents may decide to participate in the trial in the control group (no antiviral treatment). Conditions usually refer to a disease, disorder, syndrome, illness, or injury.

The hearing assessment and developmental examination will be fulfilled during a home visit. In Phase 3 (Phase III) clinical trials, the study drug or treatment is given to large groups of people (1,000-3,000) to confirm its effectiveness, monitor side effects, compare it to commonly used treatments, and collect information that will allow the drug or treatment to be used safely.

Anyone can participate, design and place a Blue Mark.

Read the text below to understand what this art project is about.

When I was not drawing or painting, I visited a museum and/or was reflecting on art.

For anyone who wants to know more about this disease there is plenty of information you can find on the World Wide Web or in any library, I presume. If you are interested in the patient behind all these theories about M. (and there are a lot), again you turn on your computer and visit blogs or forums. We are bigger and better than any ignorant person who feels the need to accuse an M. Although every single patient is different from the other, I am aware that many of us live an isolated life.

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I hope to hear from you and I would love to see your blue signs out there.

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