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Though there is an episode that finds Stewie and Brian in an alternate universe where humans are replaced with dogs, the human version of Meg Griffin still isn't without a few K9 features.

In the episode "Fore Father", Meg almost discovers that she was born with an animal-like tail.

Unfortunately, Meg is blasting her headphones during the revelation and unable to hear the answer.

A shame, as it might have saved the teenager years of torment at the hands of Peter, who hates Meg so much that he even wishes her out of existence in one episode.

star Lace Chabert originally signed on to play Meg in the show's first season, but her contract didn't cover the entire series run.

In "Screwed the Pooch", it's discovered that Meg might actually the offspring of someone named Stan Thompson.

In the episode, Brian is put on the stand in court in an attempt to gain access to seeing his puppies.

He's questioned by Peter, who says that he would be half the dad Brian is if he only knew certain facts about his children.

Peter starts to question Brian about his kids, including who Meg's real father is, which Brian responds is Stan Thompson.

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