Evergreen dating

If someone lands on a business blog and sees that the last post was from four months ago, it looks unprofessional.

While it’s true that removing dates somewhat eliminates this problem, you still need to be publishing content on a regular basis!

On the other end of the spectrum, the same survey found only 23 percent of respondents said people using dating sites are “desperate” (thanks for that) as opposed to 29 percent in 2005.

But for some subsets of the population, it’s still hard to envision the possibility of finding a meaningful relationship through a dating app.

If your product or service has a long sales cycle, a prospect might come back to the blog every couple of weeks or so.

They will notice that the most recent post hasn’t changed in that time period.

Removing dates from the posts means that there is no way to know how “old” the most recent post on the blog is.Then there is a sharp decline in visitors to that post.If it’s optimized well it should generate organic visitors, but that’s in the long term.For SEO purposes, the best type of content to write and publish is evergreen content that will be just as valuable six months down the line as it is now.Of course, timely content that is newsworthy also has its place in the content marketing mix but we always recommend that the majority of SEO content be evergreen.

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