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Do your research and choose a dating service that not only meets your needs but provides you with a certain amount of peace of mind as well.If you need help, click for advice on how to choose the right dating service for you.If you're emailing a new boss or other business acquaintances, hold back on using the emoticons.Sign your email in a way that fits who the reader is.If you're writing to a new friend or potential romantic partner, a sweet smiley face is appropriate.Wait to use kissing faces or hearts with a potential relationship mate until you get to know him better.Make sure your real name isn't included in your email address and check that any signatures are switched off for maximum Email Security.A reputable and reliable dating service will provide you with additional safety and security.

Online dating will be a fun, fulfilling and potentially life changing activity if you take a few precautions to ensure your safety and success.Thanks for giving me your email address to keep in touch.We should get together and see a movie soon." Use emoticons wisely.Instead of struggling to craft the just-right version of what you're thinking, connect with this new person in your life by drafting an email that is polite and restrained while still showing your interest.Avoid making a faux pas from the get-go and keep your initial electronic contact short, sweet and simple. Avoid rambling on and on or writing a lengthy letter about yourself. While writing IDK to your BFF is acceptable, when you're emailing someone who you just met, stay on the more formal side.

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Clue the new acquaintance in from the start with a subject line such as "Message from John Smith" or "Greetings from your new co-worker." Fill the body of the email with a brief paragraph that describes your experience meeting the other person and the reason for the email.

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