The laws here are very strict and public displays of affection are banned in public but generally anything goes within the hotels where you can drink alcohol and party until dawn.In the city itself it’s a different story as women only account for a quarter of the population so acting like a lady in public is essential.He wishes his daughter’s gesture inspires other children in Kerala to do their bit for flood relief efforts.“Teenagers can help rebuild Kerala,” he said.Pranithi is not the only one as help has been pouring for the flood affected in Kerala from all quarters.

Designed as a sail, this unique hotel has a stunning lobby full of reds, golds and royal blues that will make you feel like a princess.

Nine-year-old Anupriya from Villupuram in Tamil Nadu gave away about Rs 9,000, she had been saving for four years to buy a bicycle, after she saw visuals of the deluge in Kerala on television.

Travelling solo in Dubai is relatively easy but this glitzy city is more suited for a holiday than as part of a travelling route. Although Dubai is a cosmopolitan country with many nationalities, you should respect the Islamic culture and cover up when you’re not on the beach.

Dubai is not a usual destination that you’ll see on any round the world tickets.

This Emirate is unique and brimming with first-class hotels but there is accommodation to be found for those on a more modest budget.

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