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While they jump around and aren’t the easiest to follow, the basic storyline focuses around a man called Rupert.The themes and items used are often crude, as some games feature things such as sex toys, swearing and other “inappropriate” imagery.The [dino game](https:// is so simple but it attracts you like anything. You can also play this game nowadays as a flash format.

Try ' Scene of the Crime: the Golden Doll' I used to like The Breach’s plot a couple years ago, but now it seems lame.

After that I browse the internet to know more about this game, it was designed by a google employee, and the story was really fun.

That Guy was doing an experiment and it went out a a buzz between th egamers.

Here, I’ll highlight some online narrative games that I’ve found interesting.

The “Escape the” series a whole series of these games created by Afro-Ninja.

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However, this isn’t in all of them, and all together every game is very comedic.

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