Dating your singer machine

There is a website that can help you identify some machines.Sandman Collectibles doesn't have every machine listed that Singer ever made but it does have most of them prior to 1960.BELOW YOU WILL FIND THREE TABLES THAT WILL HEPL YOU TO RESEARCH THE APPROXIMATE TIME PERIOD YOUR SINGER MACHINE WAS MANUFACTURED BY USING THE SERIAL NUMBER OR SERIES LETTER DESIGNATION.THIS INFORMATION SHOULD NOT BE USED TO DERTIMINE SEWING MACHINE VALUE.Once you have your serial number you are ready to tackle identifying your sewing machine.Once you know which one you have it makes it much easier to use your sewing machine and to fix your sewing machine if it isn't working properly. They kept amazing records and it is easy to get an idea of when your sewing machine was made.

We are happy to answer questions to help you get your machine back up and running. The reason is that they really aren't worth that much.That page is automatically updated with each new Singer post we do. Note: If it has a W in front of it, it refers to White sewing machines not Singer sewing machines.The next thing to do is to download a manual if you don't have one. In the search box put in the model number for your machine, i.e. ISMACS has manuals for some Singer attachments as well.You can check our list of Singer sewing machine posts. Otherwise please see our resurrecting vintage sewing machines series.That has information that can be applied to just about any antique or vintage sewing machine.

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It is nice to have but know that Singer is the only sewing machine company you can do this with.

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