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I know how painful it is to break up with someone you love and then realize that you made a huge mistake.I also know that many guys realize that they want their ex-girlfriend back, but don’t know how to do it.Chapter 4: Get a plan to reignite the desire and passion you had In this chapter you will learn some interesting (and effective) tips on how to get your ex-girlfriend to want you back again.It pretty much guides you on what you need to start doing right now if you want to get your ex-girlfriend back.People who are impatient and want their ex back tomorrow may find some insights in this book, but if you are not willing to put the Magic of Making Up’s plan in place, then your chances of getting your ex back and having a healthy relationship are very slim.

Chapter 7: How to keep your ‘new’ relationship fun and on track If you want your new relationship to work, you are going to have to put in some specific effort towards making the relationship fun and healthy – this chapter will help you do that.

Speaking from experience, the Magic of Making Up hits this point on the head.

It really is the key to getting your ex back in a way that will ensure your future relationship with them starts out on the right foot and is strong.

Chapter 2: The key to winning back your ex’s love This is a good chapter to read if you feel anxiety around getting your ex-girlfriend back and want to know why and how to deal with it.

That anxiety can be a relationship killer, and learning how to move through it, get calm, and build a solid plan for getting your ex-girlfriend back may be the one thing that stops you from ruining a future relationship with her forever.

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