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If you are the rebound guy, you probably won’t know it.It will be a psychological game in which you will lose.It hurts to be on a rebound, but it is equally unpleasant being that guy, who the woman is rebounding on, so to speak, if you really like her, and she disappears on you in a way that many guys disappear on women after sleeping with them.The above simple tips should help you minimize the chances of being mislead by a woman’s behavior, if she is on a rebound, and if you happened to like her and be interested in getting to know her and dating her.

If she calls you by his name, it is not ok because it means that he is still on her mind. You are the one who is going to be there for her if they do not get back together. If you are her rebound guy, you probably haven’t been introduced to her friends or family.But if you happened to be interested in a woman who is on the rebound, and you are interested in more than just having sex with her, it’s worth knowing how to approach that kind of woman in a way that would help you develop a more meaningful romantic connection with her.There are a two simple things you can and should do to help your interaction with a woman who seems to be on a “rebound”: While you might be tempted to be her therapist and help her through her issues, such therapy sessions are rarely, if ever, conductive to creating attraction between the two of you.They will seek a rebound relationship just to feel better.Women tend to do everything to prove to themselves that they are still attractive, lovable and important.

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