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I was invited to attend a local munch club recently.

Everyone was talking about their summer vacations and I wondered if the BDSM crowd had their own way of travelling apart from us newbie/vanilla types.

One couple noted there was more freedom and a willingness to engage with others because if it wasn’t the greatest experience you wouldn’t have any awkward run-ins afterwards.

Going to Hawaii- sip on pineapple juice or eat coconut ice cream.It turns out some take their kink on the road, travel to explore their sexual fantasies, or look for other kinksters to engage or swap with.Even though this was a munch group that meets regularly, they said it’s nice to meet those outside one’s local community to discuss everything from technique to toys to training.You will need one copy of the master schedule, then for the second page you will need to print up as many copies as days you will be traveling.(4 day trip = 4 of the second page) A calendar, brochures, or magazines from the areas you are planning to visit.

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