Dating someone who is quitting smoking cambridge alumni dating

Finding a partner today isn’t easy – and if you are a regular smoker, you could be seriously reducing your chances of finding that someone special.

Figures from au, show that only 1 in 20 members are willing to date a smoker today, compared to 1 in 7 ten years ago.

After smoking these many years, I thought that it was impossible to quit smoking because i tried for 3 times and every time I surrendered to the urge.

It came to the point where I didn't like smoking but i was smoking because the urge was so strong that if i tried not to smoke then i felt like trapped in a cell where i was thirsty and not allowed to drink the water.

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I first started smoking because I believed that people who smoked look cool while smoking.

Also, every smoker out there understands the risk of getting Cancer and they choose to do it because they can't control the urge of doing it so when people tell the smokers that it is not good for their health then they are stating an obvious fact.

One of the tips I have is that whenever I felt like having a smoke, I would drink a full glass of water which helped by making me feel full.

At Quit Victoria, we know that quitting isn’t easy.

One day, I realized that I have spent so much money on Smoking that if i would have saved that money then i might have bought a new car with that money and I was tired of smoking.

I decided to go cold turkey method but before that i wanted to be literally tired of smoking so I decided to quit smoking as part of my new year resolution.

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