Dating site problems

Its ease item can also predict an accurate SUS equivalent score.The scores for the six dating websites (excluding the Hinge app) in the perception study were below average at the 43 percentile).Online dating websites are one of the primary ways people find dates and even future spouses.

These lower trust scores were consistent with the studies we found that cite false information and even scams. e Harmony, the most trusted website, was also the most likely to be recommended with an NPS of 11% while the least trusted site, Plenty of Fish, had the lowest NPS (-46%). Not surprisingly, mobile app usage for dating services is high.Figure 2: Key drivers of the online dating website user experience (SUPR-Q scores).Together, these six components are key drivers of the dating website user experience and account for 75% of the variation in SUPR-Q scores.The SUPR-Q is a standardized measure of the quality of a website’s user experience and is a good way to gauge users’ attitudes.It’s based on a rolling database of around 150 websites across dozens of industries.

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