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Fetuses are located in the reproductive tract, and that lies low and at the back end of the abdomen (just above the udder).If you hang a doe for field dressing, hanging by the hind legs makes locating the reproductive tract very easy.Thus, the conception date from one pregnant doe is not a reliable indicator of the rut peak.With more does in your data set, you will gain a more complete picture of the rut.It will be hanging below but close to the bladder and above the intestines.

Joe Hamilton, QDMA’s founder, led a research project from 1979 to 1983 that ultimately developed the fetal-aging criteria and scale that deer managers throughout North America still use today.If this is the case in your area you can still check for fetuses as some does breed early.For example, in Pennsylvania peak breeding generally occurs between November 10 and 20, but Game Commission conception data shows breeding routinely occurs in October.The technique was developed using “crown-to-rump” measurements of known-aged fetuses.Therefore, by measuring the length from the forehead (crown) to the junction of the tail and back (rump) of a fetus on the fetal scale, you can determine the fetus’s age.

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