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Release Date: General:- Fixed pink tint in overexposed pictures- Improved auto exposure quality- Improved stability Orbit X App:- Improve live stream (RTSP) stability Sipido:- Improve general stability Release Date: General:- Fixed a issue where GPS on newer Gravity Xs would stop the device from suspending.- Fixed a issue where certain Mono based apps could crash on the Impact X/Gravity X.Orbit X App:- Added gallery feature Sipido:- Improved stability Release Date: General- Improved stability- Improved standby battery life by about 3-5%Wi Fi- Fixed a stability issue present in build 5449, which caused Wi Fi to drop in standby, and worst case even cause the device to reboot.I elected for the year, month, day, camera model directory structure.The operation located approximately 21,500 image files with exif information and many cameras I do not own (great as it identified various friends and family shots which are not mine). I had one image file with an invalid exif and it duly reported this.The counts for detected files added up to that of moved one error exif file, so great there. A very impressive piece of software indeed and I would recommend this to others. I have searched the internet high and low for a program to do what Photo Move 2 has done. I am very happy with the product and I have been telling all of my coworkers and friends about it. * Photo Move incorporates the Exif Tool by Phil Harvey.This is a powerful command line utility that can do just about anything you want with exif data.

Now Photo Move 2.5 has all the features of the original version plus many more.This test, which may have only been partially successful, demonstrated a claimed yield of 12 kt.The device was emplaced in a vertical shaft and detonated at a depth of 107 meters.Sipido:- Improved stability of connection to SIP server.- Fixed a bug that made it necessary to reboot the device if the connection was broken.- Made sure the device re-registers to the SIP server whenever it goes out of standby. March Security Patches Wi Fi:- Fixed a possible issue with having Bluetooth and Wi FI enabled at the same time on Impact X and Gravity Xs produced before mid-2015.Collaboration X:- Fix No information issue in web user interface Orbit X App:- Fixed various crashes Release date: General- Updated with January and February security patches Impact X- Fixed 'Missing SIM' issue Camera- Fixed color correction issues Sipido- Improve reliability when connected to Wi Fi networks- Fixed bug when Sipido is connected to IPv6 networks- Reject RTSP requests when Sipido is recording or streaming- Updates necessary for the new Collaboration X PRO VMR to work properly Hosted Mobiles now features a better policy system allowing administrators to create policies containing device settings (such as Wi Fi networks, SIP configuration and password policy) and ship them to devices.

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