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The identification of Ophir with Sofala in Mozambique was mentioned by Milton in Paradise Lost (9-401), among many other works of literature and science.

Another, more serious, possibility is the African shore of the Red Sea, with the name perhaps being derived from the Afar people living in the Danakil desert (Ethiopia, Eritrea) between Adulis and Djibouti.

In 2000, Ofir started to take part in the humorous television series "Domino" which was broadcast every week on the Israeli Channel 2 National Network.

He played along with other famous actors and comedians such as Maya Dagan, Adi Ashkenazi Yuval Semo Shloki Koriat and others.

The New Testament apocrypha book Cave of Treasures contains a passage: "And the children of Ophir, that is, Send, appointed to be their king Lophoron, who built Ophir with stones of gold; now, all the stones that are in Ophir are of gold." Earlier in the 19th century Max Müller and other scholars identified Ophir with Abhira, near the Indus River in modern-day state of Gujarat, India.

According to Benjamin Walker Ophir is said to have been a town of the Abhira tribe.

Upon his release from the Israel Defense Forces in 1998, Ofir went back to the United States for a few months where he worked as a music instructor for young children.

Vasco da Gama's companion Tomé Lopes reasoned that Ophir would have been the ancient name for Great Zimbabwe in Zimbabwe, the main center of sub-African trade in gold in the Renaissance period — though the ruins at Great Zimbabwe are now dated to the medieval era, long after Solomon is said to have lived.During that time he also became an Internet reporter for the Israeli Tapuz Website.After finishing his studies Ofir acted in several plays as part of the Israeli Social Theater for Teenagers and at the same time founded "The Prozak Trio" together with his two schoolmates Yuval Semo and Shloki Koriat.He is a descendent of well known Rabbi Tzvi Elimelech Spira of Dinov[1].During his high school years, at Kibbutz Yad Mordechai in the south of Israel, Ofir studied guitar at the local music conservatory.

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At that time he formed his first Rock band with some friends.

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