Dating insecure people

But how do relationships work out when you’re insecure and you start a relationship anyhow?

Without sugar-coating it, those relationships always end.

I soon learned that even I, as a woman, didn’t like talking about feelings as much as he did.

Probably because his feelings were accusations targeted towards me.

You don’t want to end up with someone who is attracted to you if you have significant emotional insecurities. Because they can see your insecurities and they also know that your insecurities mean that you are, to some degree, psychologically unhealthy.

Alison is a woman who always ends up falling for men who have some sort of significant emotional insecurities.

He accused me so much at times I almost thought I was cheating.

I ended the relationship quickly, but not without learning a valuable lesson.

Insecurity is an interesting personality trait when it comes to dating.

Perhaps you’d imagine that a therapist like myself would say that insecurity is a trait that repels men and women alike – that it will prevent anyone from being attracted to you or wanting to start a relationship with you.

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One thought on “dating insecure people”

  1. They're the noncommittal guys who tell you that you're "different," though in reality you're not. They've got style and swagger, but they're always a little insecure.