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The drawer pulls are round steel radiused outward with a round steel washer like bottom held directly against the oak drawers. There is no sign of any fasteners inside of the drawers so I assume that they are screwed on from the front. Regards, Ken Rereading Gerstners web site I discover that the membership into the "Gerstner Owners Club" gets ya' some discounts and access to BBs of other Gerstner owners and either a Gerstner shop apron or a golf cap.

When he sold the property he didn't really have any space for anything anymore so now I have it all underfoot in my garage. All of the specifics are as follows: It is an old black leather covered Gerstner oak tool box that measures 20" X 16" X 9-1/2".They are held on by two small phillips pan head screws on the top 1/2 and three on the botton 1/2, none countersunk. The top steel corner protectors are also held on by phillips head screws which are not counter sunk either. JC Hannum has emailied me that my box is a Model 42 and not #32 as I had originally thought.Or, it could be a foreign manufacturer, such as Hollowell Cabinets or Mechanics Tool Case Mfg.Co., both of Toronto Canada or Neslein Tool Cabinets, London England.

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