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A gentleman’s strength creates stability in his life and in the life of those around him. It is this strength which attracts both men and women in different ways of course.A gentleman stands up to take responsibility, he takes action to accomplish important things.He does this not to prove that he is important but rather because there are important things that need to be done. Only those who have strength under control can bring security.

My advice is the only fight the important battles and let others win the small stuff. Stand up for the underdog A gentleman doesn’t decide who’s right based on who has the might.Sometimes, you should do the emotionally correct thing, even if it 9.Be generous A gentleman is a true friend and this is very generous for those he cares about. But if you’re just faking it she’ll see through that pretty fast and be very disappointed in you.4. When your girlfriend sees your real confidence in yourself and in your abilities then she’ll naturally have confidence in you as well.

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