Dating for overweight guys

"Really they should be wearing a bigger top and putting a belt around it so they look more presentable and people notice them in a good way.” Zack says has been on many dates over the last year and claims he has been catfished by women who appear slim on their social media profiles, but look very different in the flesh.“If they can’t be real with me online, then they can’t be real with me in person,” says Zack."Because they’re on the large side, they don’t get enough attention so when they do get it, they eat you up and swallow you."I wouldn’t sleep with a bigger woman again – size 10 would be pushing it even.Here, three single men break the taboo and reveal why they wouldn't go near a woman over size 8.Take Zack Smith, a 24 year-old entrepreneur and social media influencer from London.

For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.“My experience hasn’t been great with bigger women," he says."I’ve slept with a few in the past and they’re so sex-hungry."If a girl’s overweight it makes me think they can’t look after themselves or their own health, and so how are they going to look after me or even a potential kid one day?” Zack - and others like him - will need tin hats to shield them from the wrath of women who will be appalled by their shallow outlook.

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