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This service of research and compilation, which very few could have undertaken for themselves, the publishers of this work have performed, and while a few unimport- ant mistakes may doubtless be found in such a multitude of details, in spite of the care exercised in the production of the work, — including typographical errors like the printing of 17 in the first column of page 56 — the publishers still confidently present this result of many months' labor as a true and orderly narrative of all the events in the history of the county which were of sufficient interest to merit such record. The Pioneers— Incidents of the War of 1812— From the Early Records —Building and Beginning Business— Physicians — Antiquities- Roads and Bridges— Burying Grounds— Villages and Post-offices Temperance Organizations — Religious History— Schools— New- fane in the Civil War- Sketches of Representative Citizens 275-28ti THE TOWN OF NIAGARA. Captain Dermer, in the service of Gorges, appeared at Manhattan, and laid claim to all the territory occupied by the Dutch.

Under the sway of cause and effect, historic events cannot stand alone — they form an unbroken chain. Niagara River and Falls— Fort Little Niagara— The Sttdman House and Farm— Porter, Barton & Go- Early Reminiscences— Early Set- tlements and Improvements— Niagara in the War of 1812- Early Events— Civil History— Niagara in the Rebellion— Cemeteries- Roads— Schools— The First Religious Services— Fruit-growing in Niagara— Drainage— Population— The Village of La Salle — Fletch- er's Corners 287-299 THE TILLAGE OF NIAGARA FALLS. The English embassador at the Dutch capital had been instructed to remonstrate against Dutch intrusion, but it seems his re- monstrance was without effect; for in 162 1 the States General granted a new charter to the Dutch West India Company, an armed mercantile association, giving them exclusive jurisdiction over the province of New Nether- lands for twenty years, with power to appoint governors.

While we have in a few cases failed of the co-operation which it was reasonable to expect in the obtaining of needed facts from individuals, we have generally found the possessors of desirable knowledge ready and courteous in imparting it, and many have signally aided us, among whom may be named Hon. Pioneer Settlements— The Gerraiin Neighborhoods— Supervisors of WJieattield— North Tonav^anda — Brief Sketches of Wlieatfield Citizens 373-381 THE TOWN OF WILSON. Joseph's, Lockport - following 208 Arnold, E E., Residbnce, Boiuersst fullowi Dg 278 Barnea, S. Residence, Lockport preceding 213 Harnea's Block, Store, Lime Works, etc., Lockport preceding 213 Barnura, H. W., Residence, Somerset following 3(38 Itrown, Thomas, Uartland following 238 Brown, William, llartland : following 233 Burge, David, Residence, Youiiystown following 338 Burteh, Lewis, Farm Resiil^'nce, Cambria following 232 Campbell, R. A., Residence, Newfane following 278 Gai-dner, Mrs, Judge H., Residence, Lockport following 21-2 Gardner, I. D., Residence, Somerset folio wiug 356 Mighells, N. In May, 1626, Peter Minuit arrived at New Netherlands as Direc- tor-General or Governor of the province.

The Cavalry Representation- Histories of the 8th, 3d and 15th, and the 2d Mounted Rifles l M-146 CHAPTER XXXIV. He erected a small fort and a few rude buildings at the southern extremity of the island, calling the place New Amsterdam.

Delano, of Ni- agara ; Captain James Van Cleve, Charles T. Capture and Recapture of Fort George— Fall of Fort Niagara— Rav- ages of Fire and Sword 103-105 CHAPTER XXII. Not considering it safe to proceed farther with his ship, he sent a boat with a part of his crew to explore the river higher up.

The Capture of Queenston Heights— The Assailants Overpowered, Un- supported and Taken Prisoner.^ 101-103 CHAPTER XXI. To them he im- parted a knowledge of the effects of rum, to the drinking of which in later years they became greatly addicted.


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