Dating different social classes

But in the world today class consciousness has considerably increased.This has resulted in the causation of many frictions and disputes on that account.

They don't matter as much as they did in the 18th century, when associating with a "lesser" class made you lesser, and we definitely don't marry in order to boost our social class anymore.

They are free from manual labour and their life style is completely marked off from the rest.

There is no unanimity among sociologists regarding the classification of social classes into various types.

Sorokin has given a three-fold classification of classes, such as social division based on economic, political and occupational criteria.

Warner and Lunt have given a six-fold classification comprising: (I) The upper-upper class (II) The lower-upper class, This classification of Warner and Lunt is supposed to be a further sub-division of the three traditional class divisions of society such as upper, middle and lower classes.

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