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Other names the fake attacks use are New World Hackers, Lulz Sec, and Fancy Bear.There are a couple of ways that a company can determine whether this is a scam or not. Renting or buying a botnet large enough to bring down a major company for a destructive length of time costs a lot of money.In another post, it seems he has run into trouble with the Russian government and is asking for advice on how to avoid prosecution.He frequently asks for help in manipulating databases, leading one to believe that he has gotten his hands on a database with email addresses and wants to learn how to use it to send out spam emails.

Maybe the hacker believes the threat of being exposed to work colleagues and management will make people pay up. In short, this looks like a scam run by a low level, technologically inept Russian hacker who simply wants to make a few bucks or Bitcoins.True, but maybe the attacker was not as sophisticated as he thinks.I traced the name through a number of Russian forums where the same gmail address was used. Of course, the hacker may have used the nickname of the original owner to post on sites the owner already belonged to. Only the topic of the posts would matter, especially the most recent posts.Flip through the TV channel guide and its features to find the package with the channels you want, then call to order DIRECTV for your home!If you get an email that threatens to expose you to colleagues, contacts, or law enforcement agencies, don’t get overly concerned; unless, of course, you’re a criminal.

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As I noted in a recent post, such attacks can be quite costly.

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