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Carbon-dating can not be used to prove the age of the earth, so it can not be used either to prove a "young earth" nor to support the scientific age of the earth.Carbon-dating is useful for archaeology, where it can date evidence of human artefacts up to fifty thousand years old.By popular demand, however, the dot dating system was used on all Case knives from mid-1993 through 1999.And now, to celebrate the turn of the century, Case introduced a new tang stamp and dating system using a combination of X's and dots to date the production of each Case knife.In the 1980s, the same dating system was used -- with two subtle differences.First, a "Lightening S" appeared in both "CASE" and "USA." Secondly, the dots were placed above the "USA" From 1990 to mid-1993, the dot system was replaced with a stamping of the actual date.BTW, ordinary nonradioactive carbon (Carbon-12 and Carbon-13) by definition have a half life of infinity (not 0), as they do not decay! The half lives of carbon isotopes are derived by studying their radioactive decay.For carbon dating, the isotope used is Carbon-14, which has a half life of 5,700 years.

Carbon 14 is used, mainly by archaeologists, to date bones and other formerly living matter but not normally fossils.

Some less less informed "Young Earth" creationists do believe that carbon-dating was used to date the earth. Carbon-14 dating is not normally used to date fossils as it is only accurate for the past 60,000 years and most fossils are much older.

It is mainly used by archaeologists for dating bones and wood from historical sites.

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