Dating and giving space

As you spend time with friends and pursue your own interests, you avoid becoming his shadow -- and you allow your relationship to progress naturally. In your case, your new boyfriend may insist that he has his own space to see his friends, do something that interests only him or just be by himself.

Creating a successful romantic partnership means that you need to respect his needs.

If you're clinging too close to your new boyfriend or expect him to spend all of his evenings with you, give him some space and go see your friends.

For example, he's used to spending every Sunday playing football with his best buds.

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It’s from one of my most extroverted friends, who just started dating an introvert. As an author who writes about introversion, I get a few emails a month from panicked extroverts who are wondering why their introvert went dark on them. It’s hard not to take it personally when someone says they want to be left alone — especially when you’ve been enjoying their company so much. Introverts’ brains are actually wired a little differently than extroverts’, and as a result, we have less of a battery for “people time.”Whereas a night out on the town might be fun and exciting for you, it comes at a price for your introvert.

While sharing experiences and feelings can bring many wonderful things to a relationship, you need time to be an individual as well. Explore new hobbies and interests to get in touch with your own identity.

In order for a relationship to be healthy, you should have your own hobbies, interests, and social life. If you need more space, there may be problems in your relationship.

Using someone else to fulfill all of your needs or complete you is an unhealthy approach to a relationship.

Change how you view relationships and give your new beau the space that he needs.

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