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Unbeknownst to Pui, who is also 38, Yap is married with three children.They later broke up, but he still owes her 8,000 in total.I never thought that I would be in this low time of my life.I have known that my husband only had up to grade 6 education when we met.So, as for you being drained, i think it is the combination of everything happening to your life at the same time.

You really can not blame your family because at one point in time you loved this man enough to sleep with him to get your beautiful family you have now.I couldn't tell people that it's because he can't read or write, i say that it's the economy that's why they let him go, or that he hated his job and looking for a better one, but in fact it's his inability to follow rules and instructions very well.I thought that employers were lucky coz they can just fire him and he is out of their hair, but I am so unlucky as I cannot get rid of him that easily. I decided to finally work and get him to stay at home and take care of the kids, but that was a big mistake as I would come home to a very unorganized house after a stressful shift.Color code stuff leave recordings if he can not read make a game out of chores if you feel he is still a kid at heart.Once you find that niche in the fabric of reality you living in then you'll be able to fix things right up.

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