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I asked him if he had hobbies — a dreadful question, I know.

Like his idols, he said, he liked to experiment and code.

And he was wasting too much of his time watching it. One Twitter bot that especially inspired Sean used as its dictionary. To top it, he concluded, he’d have to turn to Tinder, that cesspool of lust and loneliness and hope.

As soon as they ran this code, it was off to the races. Also, it’d be great if none of ur other personalities were male. On his computer, Sean could see full exchanges flitting by in real time.(Remember, both dudes think the other is Haley.) In fact you won’t sleep at all Haha I like that idea! Will I be awake with you ontop of me ;)Haha getting excited in the middle of the day, thank you..! Yeah boner is part a women being exited :p Sean had created a “dictionary” of words that he coded to automatically swap with other words. I’ve never been that far east but I can imagine that the cultural values are pretty differnt. I wanted to see the conversations — to see how people responded — and I almost immediately asked if he would share them. But then, when I followed up by text several times afterward, he didn’t send anything. Several days into the prank, Sean remembers Haley texting with alarm from a bar.Oh yeah, ontop, behind, in front, down Haha I’m pretty excited too so you’re not alone. Aside from “Haley,” “man” transmuted into “woman,” “dude” to “chick,” “penis” to “vagina.” But the system was imperfect. Spaces weren’t accounted for: “Argument” became “arguwoment.” “Manhattan became “womanhattan.” And Sean didn’t factor in some obviously gendered words like “dad” or “girl”; “lady” or “boner;” “hard” or “wet” which led to conversations like this one (words that the code swapped are italic): I dearly miss my family and visit them once a year. I love Turkey, the culture, the food, the scenery but I’m not religious or traditional and my values aren’t tied to a geography, does that make sense? What do you mean by the characteristics of a Cali girl? It dawned on me that maybe I’d been had: I texted to ask if the person he’d actually pranked was ME. On her phone, she could see the two halves of conversations separately, and she wasn’t always able to follow who was talking to whom.Over drinks, he told me that he had grown up poor in rural Michigan and that hacking in the early days of the internet had saved him.He moved to the Bay Area after high school, hoping to be near his tech idols, the “Phone Phreaks” he’d read about on the internet.

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