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He later gained recognition as the cowboy hitchhiker who seduces Geena Davis's character in the 1991 road movie Thelma & Louise.Pitt's first leading roles in big-budget productions came with A River Runs Through It (1992) and Interview with the Vampire (1994).“It just changed my life,” Paltrow says on a recent afternoon in Los Angeles, reflecting on the impact of the 1998 romantic comedy that grossed nearly 0 million worldwide — a staggering achievement for an independent movie.“I don’t think it ever went back to normal.” Though Paltrow had carried other films, including crowd-pleasers such as “Emma” and “Sliding Doors” — and she’d been a fixture in the tabloids for dating Brad Pitt — “Shakespeare in Love” cemented her status as a one-name brand.His greatest commercial successes have been Troy (2004) and Mr. Following a high-profile relationship with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, Pitt was married to actress Jennifer Aniston for five years.

Some 46 million viewers tuned in to see her in a pink Ralph Lauren ballgown, guaranteeing that she’d never be able to anonymously slip into a restaurant again.

It boasted an ensemble of high-minded heartthrobs — Colin Firth, Rupert Everett and Ben Affleck — in character parts.

If the sunny ’90s launched with Julia Roberts as a prostitute in distress in “Pretty Woman,” the decade closed with Paltrow in “Shakespeare in Love” as the cross-dressing Viola, an empowered heroine who didn’t need to be rescued by a man.

Paltrow is honest about her own struggles with the volcanic producer. “Shakespeare in Love,” directed by John Madden from a script by Tom Stoppard and Marc Norman, still holds up.

It made Judi Dench the grandest dame in the industry for portraying Queen Elizabeth in a brief, but deliciously tart, Oscar-winning supporting role.

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Four years later, in 1999, Pitt starred in the cult hit Fight Club.

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