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He has tried his hand at the stock market but it is not known if has done well like his father. They seem happy.” In any case, the pair make a great couple and perhaps now Katie can learn to play tennis like her beau- shirtless? Brooks is currently in the business of selling eco-friendly products. Sources close to Perlin say that is a nice guy who does not play games and is the perfect match for Katie Couric. After two years of dating, the CBS Evening News anchor and single mother of two young daughters Ellie, 15, and Carrie, 11, isn’t so concerned about dating a younger man.

Here's a little tip from us to the rookie racers: this weekend, it is unacceptable to sip on anything other than a Goombay Smash with a floater, a Madaket Mystery, or a Dark & Stormy. Katie Couric’s boyfriend Brooks Perlin hails from a completely different field of career altogether.When he was in Williams College, most of his time was occupied with sports and body building.Also, during your 48-hour binge-drinking bender, be sure to hit up the Trifecta - The Tavern, Gazebo, and Straight Wharf. A weekend full of Nantucket reds, needlepoint belts, Something Natural sandwiches, and late nights at the Box? All in all, the weekend will bring plenty of memories and empty madras pockets. Any one of these places could potentially be serving your future beau his D&S.

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