Brightmail anti spam filter not updating

A threshold of 50 percent CPU utilization is a good rule of thumb to follow.Once this threshold has been met, you need to consider adding more capacity to the mail filtering tier.Thus, do not depend on an anti-spam/virus filter to do those things.

Sometimes, they will also apply modifications to the databases, rebuild some packages and restart some sevices. In the futur, this procedure may be simplified, or accessible through the admin interface. If you would like to have fully automated updates, please consider the commercial support we provide here.One of the advantages of separating the MTA from the mail filtering servers is that you can add more processing power for the filtering simply by adding more hardware and cloning the servers.While the system is capable and not overloaded, you can have the mail filtering server software collocated with the MTA.For more information, see Enable antispam functionality on Mailbox servers.Like all transport agents, each antispam agent is assigned a priority value.

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, or malicious senders, use a variety of techniques to send unwanted email into your organization. However, Microsoft Exchange provides a layered, multifaceted approach to reducing these unwanted messages.

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