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Were there any Jewish families in Ladywood in the 1920s?

The decision by “Fox & Friends Weekend” host Abby Huntsman to join ABC’s “The View” has drawn what calls “massive backlash” — and apparently viewers on both ends of the political spectrum are upset. One Twitter user writes of “The View”: “Yeah, they’re adding Abby Huntsman former ‘Fox and Friends’ chickadee. @meghan Mccain is beyond terrible and now this.” Writes another Twitter user: “If she’s another agent of Trump’s then she can stay at Fox.

“Since announcing her decision, the former Fox News host has received intense backlash from fans who feel that she’s ‘making a deal with the devil’ by joining the left-leaning talk show,” the website reports, noting that Huntsman got blowback on Instagram after posting a photo of herself with her co-hosts on “The View,” Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, Meghan Mc Cain and Whoopi Goldberg. “The comments beneath the photo are filled with angry messages from right-leaning viewers, many of whom feel that, even though Hunstman will serve as a conservative voice at the table alongside Mc Cain, she’s deserting her party by joining ‘The View,'” Decider notes. We don’t need anymore divisive, delusional and out of touch people spewing garbage to us on my fave talk show, #The View.” Here’s Huntsman’s Instagram post from earlier this week announcing the move …

One commenter is quoted in the report writing: “Really?

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