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A local realtor, Lindsay Buziak, was brutally stabbed to death.She had been lured to a Saanich house, supposedly to show it to buyers.Additionally, in the case of the first example (the words with jumbled middle letters), it helps that your brain processes all the letters of a word at once, rather than one at a time.Thus, the letters "serve as contexts for each other," Kutas said.THE FILM: From Shakti Butler, the director of “The Way Home: Women Talk About Race in America” and “Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible” , comes a new film that asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity.

Our dynamic and diverse team believes that all young people deserve to live in a world where they can thrive.

Get your participants off to a good start by using these icebreaker activities in your own workplace.

Even in your regularly scheduled, weekly meetings, a brief icebreaker makes a difference in the resulting employee conversations.

The first language you learn as a human being is body language. To really leverage the value of reading body language for dating, you’ve got to learn the flirting cues women use. ” then you can save yourself the guessing and the wondering. Move on and look for the woman who is giving you the “come here” cues.

You learn to read your mother’s facial expressions and the facial expressions of every person who shows up to stare at you. We are always using our body to communicate how we feel or create leading signals about what we want to do.

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THE RACIAL EQUITY LEARNING MODULES: This online racial justice curriculum accompanies the film.

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