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January 6: M: okay will look at my schedule to fit into yours Nadia: Okay (smiley face) Friday, January 19: Comment: Notice the time span. He viewed me several times over the next few days but did not reach out for a second date.I think he was waiting for me to “view” him back but I didn’t want to encourage him.I had not done this before and it was not premeditated.

That’s why even though I knew in advance that opening the GF’s Facebook page might trigger some emotional shakiness; I also knew any blue notes would be brief. If you liked this post or any past ones, subscribe to get regular email delivery of Dating, Sex, and Life in your 60s. From cannabis lovers to those who are gluten free to self described ugly schmucks, there are lots to choose from.

He responded by sending me a nice message through the site and asked if we could get together. What are you doing this evening January 19 (continued): I didn’t see his message on the site and then he phoned me. He left a voicemail and I called him back 30 minutes later. It describes the way you have behaved with me.” Epilogue: As expected, there was no response from Mr. That was almost enough to put me off but I decided to go for it.

I said I would think about it and let him know I was hesitant due to his previous communications and behavior. Based on his photos, I was worried I wouldn’t be attracted to him.

#People in their 60s are having the best sex Send one of the men surveyed directly to me.

#Valentine’s Day Hype I suggest an alternate “Galentines” Day for women to celebrate with friends. XXXOOO Nadia A couple of weeks ago, I made the mistake of Facebook stalking my ex’s current girlfriend (GF).

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Then I read a survey that says women and men in their 60s are having the best sex of their lives. I cringe to admit he briefly resurfaced and I’m to blame for encouraging him albeit in a lukewarm way (love those temperature metaphors). It was nice and harmless enough and I decided that maybe he wasn’t a stalker just a poor texter.

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