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Charles and Hammond take Mede to a bar to fight with other slaves.

Hammond plans to use his winnings to buy a diamond ring for Blanche.

After receiving the Major's permission, Hammond and Charles Woodford, Blanche's brother, travel to the Coign plantation where Hammond purchases a "fightin' nigger", Ganymede (aka Mede), and a young, female slave named Ellen.

Later, Hammond reveals his love for Ellen, despite his intentions to wed Blanche.

Despite his misgivings, he travels to his Cousin Beatrix's plantation, Crowfoot, and there meets his 16-year-old cousin, Blanche.

Warren Maxwell, for example, sleeps with his feet against a naked slave to drain his rheumatism.Hammond sets off with his "body nigger", Omega (Meg), to the Crowfoot plantation to wed Blanche.Once he arrives at Crowfoot, Hammond learns that Charles never returned to the plantation, taking with him ,500 that Hammond loaned Major Woodford and the diamond ring for Blanche.Denlinger's, a small Virginia publisher, released it and it became a national sensation." Mandingo is the only novel of the Falconhurst series that Onstott wrote, but he edited the next three novels in the series.All of the sequels were penned by either Lance Horner or Henry Whittington (Ashley Carter).

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Philip eventually married a woman named Vicky and the two remained close to Onstott for the rest of his life. Onstott began writing Mandingo when he was 65 years old.

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