Blind dating movie rotten tomatoes

However Lisa owns 51% of SUR and 100% of Vanderpump Rules, so drama must prevail!

Honestly, if I were Lisa I’d be relieved that she finally had a reason to send Katie the way of Stassi and Kristen. He definitely should face consequences for his lewd comments and drunken outbursts – and spend some time in rehab.

But that is a theme with this cast; taking things everyone has heard of and deciding they invented it! So the episode opens with Katie acting like Tequila Katie, her phantom limb for so many very long years, was a figment of reality TV cameras imagination as she gives Lisa Vanderpump an ultimatum that James gets fired or Katie leaves SUR. Like remember when they called Lala Kent a whore, and all the awful things they’ve done to Scheana Marie (and each other).

Anyway, yeah, Lala is in a horrible mood and decides to take it out on Raquel Leviss by feigning concern for her welfare if she continues dating James.Shouldn’t James be giving Lisa an ultimatum that if people like Kristen Doute are going to constantly barge into his work accusing him of things, and people like Lala are going to constantly harass and name-call his girlfriend, he doesn’t feel comfortable working there? To celebrate his brother graduating from college it is James who gifts him k, pays for the celebration dinner, and is also helping to support both his parents financially.Alas for Raquel it’s not about the pasta, it’s about the ice cream. So basically what I’m saying is that James and Raquel are the blind leading the blind.This is after Scheana used James to move an entire room of framed self-portraits, her imaginary friends and non-sexual life partners – to the car seats in her car so she can transport them to her new apartment nearby the Three-Headed She Beasts.So Merry Christmas readers – you get Katie’s victory in your stalking. ) And I give Lisa’s decision to fire James a 0% on Rotten Reality Tea!

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