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Revolution Square is one of the most famous stations and one of the closest stations to Red Square.

Easily one of the most impressive, it is lined with life-size bronze sculptures depicting the people of the Soviet Union; workers, peasants, soldiers, artists and children – 72 in total.

By far the fanciest of all the stations, Komsomolskaya is more like a grand ballroom than a train station.

Opened in 1952 as part of the second stage Metro expansion, this baroque masterpiece honours the memory of Nevsky, Donskoy and other great military leaders in the ornately gilded mosaics on the ceilings and walls.

The initial metro stations were built by forced soviet labour.

Here is a small sample of what you will expect to find in this underground art gallery.

Used as a bomb shelter during the war, a hospital and even a supreme command headquarters.

Much of the design and artworks within the stations depict the Soviet Union’s greatest achievements and historical milestones as well as paying homage to Russia’s diverse artistic, literary and architectural legacy.

Interestingly, the British engineers commissioned for the initial project, due to experience gained on the London underground system were later arrested on suspicion of espionage.

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Lined with marble and decorated with chandeliers, intricate mosaic artworks, heroic statues and gilded trimmings, the Moscow Metro stations are not merely decorated; they are works of art.

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