Android example of updating textview

This course is now deprecated and this content will be removed from this site soon. This chapter describes one of the most often used views in apps: the Text View, which shows textual content on the screen.

A Text View can be used to show a message, a response from a database, or even entire magazine-style articles that users can scroll.

Using nested instances of Linear Layout can also lead to an excessively deep view hierarchy, which can slow down performance.

Text lines in the file don't wrap around to the next line — they extend beyond the right margin. Each new line of text starting at the left margin represents an entire paragraph.

Enter \n to represent the end of a line, and another \n to represent a blank line.

You can the Scroll View view group, thereby scrolling everything that is inside the Linear Layout.

For example, if you want the subheading of an article to scroll along with the article even if they are separate Text Views, you can add a Linear Layout within the Scroll View, and move the subheading Text View, along with the article Text View, into the Linear Layout.

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