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Veronica checks Stacy's room and finds Troy's name half-erased.

Stacy receives a box of someone else's hair outside her door, and Veronica deduces that there have probably been other victims of the rapist, so she goes looking for someone who bought a wig recently, finding no one.

Later that night, Veronica sees Troy making out with Stacy (Alia Shawkat).

In its original broadcast, "The Rapes of Graff" received 2.15 million viewers, marking a decrease from the previous episode, "The Quick and the Wed" and tying for 113th of 124 in the weekly rankings with a rerun of Charmed. "My pervasive need for justice left me feeling pretty disappointed when we never found out who the utterly repulsive villain had been behind these sex crimes...

The episode received 2.15 million viewers and was critically acclaimed, with praise focusing on the guest stars and the episode's case-of-the-week.

In class, Veronica and the whole class are asked to participate in Woody Goodman's (Steve Guttenberg) essay contest.

Veronica discovers that the losing fraternity member sent the hair to Stacy, which was his own, because she made him lose the "contest." Logan tells Hannah the truth about why they broke up, and it turns out that he only asked her out so that her father would drop the charges in the murder of Felix Toombs.

Nevertheless, they reconcile, and Logan and Hannah are about to have sex before Dr. Wallace gets admitted into Hearst, and Hannah has been sent away to boarding school.

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