Age of solar system from radiometric dating

If the earth were only 6,000 years old and we assumed that the change in salinity has been constant, the seas would contain much less salt than they do.However, we cannot forget that there was a global Flood about 4,300 years ago.Cave paintings made 15,000 years ago are presented as fact in the textbooks, but these dates cannot be accepted as truth according to the ultimate standard—the Bible.If you were to ask most people how we determine the age of the earth and the solar system you would probably hear something about radiometric dating of rocks.From a biblical perspective, any dates that extend beyond 6,000 years must be rejected.When considering life on earth, including human cultures and artifacts, we must also consider the Flood of 4,300 years ago.Again, this does not fit within a billions-of-years explanation.Within the biblical creation model, we can explain the relatively high concentration of sodium and other salts in the seas.

Then God made two great lights: the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night. Evolutionists and young earth creationists both agree that the earth is about the same age as the solar system.

These assumptions are then used to interpret the data from the different dating techniques that can be used to estimate the ages of the earth.

The most popular of these methods uses radioactive isotopes to calculate the age of rocks, but there are other methods that do not agree with the interpretation of radiometric data.

As the Flood ripped up the surface of the earth, much mineral content would have been dissolved in the water that would eventually become today’s seas.

It is also impossible to know how salty the seas were at the time of their creation.

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Evolutionists believe that both formed spontaneously about 4.5 billion years ago.

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