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Last night, the Governor of Ohio signed a bill into law that will limit marriage to legal adults. Same-sex marriage advocates upset While advocates for ending child marriage cheered, advocates for LGBTQ rights were disappointed that Ohio lawmakers failed to remove the old language in state law that prohibits same sex marriage.“They had an opportunity to do it and they didn’t,” said Cincinnati attorney Josh Langdon, who focuses on family and LGBTQ rights law.

Furthermore, the new law re-states that marriage is between males and females, which Langdon says sends a mixed message to local trial court judges that adjudicate questions of family law.“Basically, this reads like a big ‘you can’t get married if you’re gay’ law,” Langdon said.

Former state lawmaker Jeff Rezabek, who worked on the child marriage bill, has said he wanted to steer clear of efforts to remove the same-sex ban language, saying legislation solely focused on underage marriage had a better chance of passing.

In 2004, Ohio lawmakers approved a law prohibiting same sex marriage and later that year voters passed a constitutional amendment specifying that marriage is limited to between one man and one woman.

The new law codifies young men and woman as equals and sets the legal age of marriage at 18.

It further does allow for certain exceptions but only for youth who are at least 17 with court oversight,” Capizzi said.

Laura Lanese, R-Grove City, and John Rogers, D-Mentor-on-the-Lake.“Earlier this year I learned of an investigation carried out by the Dayton Daily News which brought to light a high number of underage marriages in Ohio and the impact it has for juveniles as young as 14 years old,” Rogers said in a written statement.

It is illegal to manufacture, sell, or distribute any pack or other container of cigarettes containing fewer than twenty cigarettes or any package of roll-your-own tobacco containing less than six-tenths of one ounce of tobacco.The new law comes in the wake of a Dayton Daily News investigation that found 4,443 girls age 17 or younger were married in Ohio between 20, including 59 who were 15 and younger.State records show three girls age 14 were married, including one pregnant bride who married a 48-year-old man.Current Ohio law requires brides to be at least 16 and grooms to be at least 18, but exceptions are made for younger, pregnant teens if they have parental consent and juvenile court approval.That effectively means there is no legal minimum age for marriage in Ohio.

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