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Bragging lowers your value because it puts you in a position of trying to impress someone else.

Once you’re happy with yourself, and that you’re comfortable with where you are in life, everything else will come naturally.

I don’t recommend much, but for dating advice and generating massive attraction, he’s the man on that subject.

David De Angelo is one of the most important names in pickup, because of five simple words: “Attraction is not a choice.” When De Angelo published his seminal work, “Double Your Dating,” it reverberated around the pickup community like a thunderbolt.

More: How To Tell A Girl You Like Her One of the most attractive qualities ANYONE can have is to overcome something that was difficult for them.

If you’re a shy guy, and you make an effort to go out, then that’s respectable. Its very attractive to see a woman step out of her normal safe boundaries, trying things that normally would scare her.

Afterwards, once you genuinely like who you’ve become.

His discussion of the differences between attraction and affection is simply a must-read.

The only thing you should be planning is your dates and activities.

Read our second date ideas guide for a perfect second date.

Humans, especially women, need to know that you really care, and being knowledgeable of the little details is one of the best ways to show this.

Not to mention, the little details of your relationship are things that only you two share. Bring them up if they are appropriate, but sprinkle them throughout your interactions instead of fully using them. The difference is that one is sincere and natural, the other is manufactured.

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