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I find that disabled White women write many of these narratives, which is completely fine, but what about disabled Black, Asian, Native and Latina/Latinx, biracial and multi-ethnic women who date?

It may sound harsh, but when you love yourself unconditionally, you cannot go back to receiving less from others, and will only expect others to love you in the same manner.I truly see what everyone else has been telling me all these years: I am a pretty (and to some, sexy), smart, educated, caring, talented, exciting, energetic, and fun woman–the complete package that any man would be glad to date and share a life with.Though I had heard it from those I knew it took me years to internalize these positive statements about myself, which countered the societal ones that focused on my disability and stripped me of my personhood, ‘womanness’, and desirability.These narratives are indeed important to addressing the challenges we endure; however, there are fewer articles that candidly detail what dating with a disability as a woman looks like once we refuse to internalize the sexism and ableism surrounding our identities, bodies, and dating potential.At 30 years old I am the most confident I have ever been–-from my body to the talents, personality, and presence I will bring into a relationship.

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