Ogni volta che l'Utente decide di interagire con i plug-in ovvero accede al Sito dopo essersi "loggato" attraverso il proprio account Facebook o Twitter, alcune informazioni personali potrebbero essere acquisite dai gestori delle piattaforme di social network (per esempio, la visita dell'Utente al Sito).

L'Ordine Interprovinciale dei Farmacisti di Bari e Barletta Andria Trani non ha accesso ai dati che sono raccolti e trattati in piena autonomia dai gestori delle piattaforme di social network.

It’s a list that contains respectable organizations, fly-by-night operators, and providers of overnight “credentials” that do little to prepare you for a career.

Dans le cadre du dispositif "Do You Speak Touriste" lancé en 2013, plusieurs outils sont proposés aux professionnels du tourisme : -L'application "Yes I Speak Touriste" s'adresse aux touristes non francophones, elle recense sur une carte interactive les commerces franciliens en fonction des langues parlées (9 langues) et de leur activité.

The lack of trust in fitness credentials from non-accredited programs has even prompted some state governments to take action on their own.

NCCA accreditation represents the best opportunity for our profession to show we have credentials that are ironclad verifiable, and representative of a standard of excellence already recognized by healthcare providers and state agencies that license and regulate those healthcare professions.

Meeting standards of excellence already recognized in the medical community is the straightest path toward recognition by healthcare providers as part of the healthcare continuum, and ultimately, more opportunities to serve people who need our help.

For the doors to really open for health and fitness professionals to help significantly more people in close proximity to the healthcare system, the credentials of exercise professionals will be subject to exponentially more scrutiny than they are today.

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