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Please note that in order to start filling in a visa application, you must give your consent as regards the terms of use that assist you in understanding the principles applicable to this electronic portal.

In order to start filling-in a visa application, you must agree to the terms of use of the e Visa portal.

I fully understand that the date from which my visa application will start being examined in view of a decision upon it, is the date when I shall personally present myself to the diplomatic mission / consular post of Romania to which I have electronically submitted my application.

I am aware of the fact that the fee for the processing of a visa application is not refunded to me should my visa be refused.

Starting with this web page you can fill in a visa application file and send it to the selected diplomatic mission / consular post of Romania.

The details provided will help you understand the principles applicable to this electronic tool.

I hereby acknowledge the information provided in the “I want to be informed” section, therefore I am aware of the conditions I must meet in order to apply for a visa for Romania.

An application saved temporarily is stored for 30 days.

When your visa application is decided upon, you will receive a notification by e Mail to the address you supplied when you started your application.

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