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Ese algo tan bonito en lo que no terminas de creer. Y sí, para algunos privilegiados, también ese alguien con el te despiertas cada mañana. Según un informe del Instituto de Política Familiar (IPF) de 2010, dos de cada tres matrimonios en España terminan en divorcio.

Celestinos varios y agencias de contactos apuestan por este método y en los últimos años han aflorado un sinfín de apps y portales al respecto.

Or we can say that your hard-earned money is at risk.

Your work space has to be comfortable and peaceful. Lets say you are trading part-time and come home from work and get to trading after a long day. However, what if you had a bad day at work or stuck in traffic for two hours and get home frustrated?

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I am an active trader who trades all three sessions as I am an expat who lives in Thailand. I am going to talk a lot about different aspects of this so you might get some relief of the pressure of trading. They have to understand that when you are trading you are working and risk.

We were not taught how to be at work and not do anything for hours.

Today I have to tell you that I learned my strategy in 2007.

I am a pullback trader and I use price action and levels in my trade plans.

So you make your trading analysis and enter your trade.

And now, as you are in the trade, you are at the edge of your seat and your hands are sweating.

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