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The proposed change may not be required of an employee nor be submitted to the Division of Human Resource Management until funding for it is approved. In no case, however, may a retroactive adjustment because of an administrative or clerical error exceed 6 months after the date of receipt. If an agency makes or anticipates making a significant change in the duties for a position or the agency anticipates a reorganization which will require the reclassification of an existing position, the reallocation of an existing class or the creation of a new class, it shall advise the Budget Division of the Office of Finance or, in the case of the Nevada System of Higher Education, the budget division of the applicable institution. 1-1-2016) Rating of performance means the overall rating of an employees performance efficiency, character and conduct which is included in the report on performance of an employee. Penetration, however slight, by a person of an object into the genital or anal opening of the body of another person for the purpose of arousing or gratifying the sexual desire of either person; or 6. Submission to such speech or conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of a persons employment; 2. A noncompetitive appointment in which an employee moves from one position to another position in the same class or a related class with the same grade; or 2. 4-17-98; A by Personnel Commn by R065-98, 7-24-98) 1. (d) The Technical Assistance Manual for the Americans with Disabilities Act. A copy of the materials adopted by reference pursuant to this section may be obtained at no charge from the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission at the Internet address 7-6-92; A 10-27-97; R082-00, 8-2-2000; A by Personnel Commn by R059-09, ; R097-16, 11-2-2016) If any of the provisions of this chapter are held, for any reason, to be invalid, it is intended that the validity of the remaining provisions not be affected thereby. (b) Significant change means a change in the duties and responsibilities assigned to a position in a class that: (1) Is outside of the scope of the class as described by the class specification; (2) Is not part of the scope of responsibility of the position; and (3) Results in the preponderance of duties and responsibilities being allocated to a different class. If an appointing authority or an employee proposes the creation of a new class, a reclassification of a position to a different class or the reallocation of an existing class based upon a gradual accumulation of duties and responsibilities which results in a significant change and is intended to be permanent, the Division of Human Resource Management or agency personnel officer must be notified on the appropriate form.

284.6951 Submission of complaint to Employee-Management Committee. PROHIBITIONS AND OFFENSES 284.738 Conflicting activities. 284.742 Appointing authorities required to determine prohibited conflicting activities and identify such activities and explain process of progressive discipline in policy. 284.750 Use of position to secure or grant privileges. (Added to NAC by Dept of Personnel by R147-01, eff.

Review of policies, procedures and internal communications; 4. Review of data relating to employees, including, without limitation, statistics relating to turnover; 6. Review of complaints described in NAC 284.658 which are filed by employees. ; A by R033-17, ) Paid status means the time that an employee is: 1. On leave with pay, except catastrophic leave; or 3.

1-22-2002) Occupational study means a classification study of a group of positions or related classes and class series, or any combination thereof, which is initiated by the Division of Human Resource Management and subsequently approved by the Commission. 10-27-97; A by Personnel Commn by R038-03, ) Organizational climate study means an independent study conducted by the Division of Human Resource Management to assess and evaluate the culture, effectiveness of management, employee morale and internal communication of an organization through a variety of methods, including, without limitation: 1. Interviews, including, without limitation, exit interviews; 3.

Is reemployed pursuant to NAC 284.6014 after having sustained a permanent disability and is serving a new probationary period as required by subsection 2 of NAC 284.6018. 8-1-91; A 3-1-96; A by Personnel Commn by R183-03, 1-27-2004; R143-05, ) Permanent status means the standing an employee achieves in a class when: 1.

9-27-99) Permanent employee means an employee who has successfully completed the probationary period for any class he or she has held during continuous classified service. Is reemployed after having been laid off and is serving a new probationary period as required by subsection 8 of NAC 284.630; or 2.

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