18 year old dating 27 year old

You built up a real friendship first and took the time to get to know eachother.

You are really comfortable around eachother and were friends with benefits as a 'practise run' rather than jumping straight into a serious relationship.

Just make sure you're both on the same page and that one of you isn't taking this more quickly than the other.

Fair enough, I did ask for honest comments He's said that even since he was really young he's always wanted a child between the age of 27 - 30, and doesn't think there's any chance of that happening soon.

Don't worry what other people think, what matters is that you have things in common and that you make each other happy.I just wanted to find out from people on TSR, who don't really have any obligation to not be honest, thought about an 8 year age gap in a relationship. I have the same age gap between my boyfriend and I and I was the same age as you when I started going out with him. It's been a year and a half and we get on so well and we're really happy. But we've been together a few years now and it isn't a problem at all.You're both adults and as long as you get on well then that's all that matters. I think as long as you two are comfortable then that's the main thing, I wouldn't worry about it! I'd personally find it weird going out with a 27 year old because i can't really imagine what i would have in common with them, but that's just me.If you're willing to deal with the health issues that come with an aging partner, then it's not a big deal.Obviously if the two of you want the same things both in the short and long run and he treats you right, there is nothing wrong with the age gap.

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