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Figure 9: The Details View s Default Editing Interface (Click to view full-size image) Similarly, you can delete the currently selected product or add a new product to the system.

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A more precise determination of the time of composition must remain hypothetical, but a few indications point to the period between 40 and 50 CE: (1) Bearers of the sayings tradition, which possibly extends all the way back to pre-Easter times, included both wandering preachers of the Jesus movement as well as local congregations. 22.1-10 Q) indicate that the Gentile mission had begun, which is probably to be located in the period between 40 and 50 CE. to give some time for the additions obviously prompted by the ware, Mark can be dated between 75 and 80 C. Q also provided material that could easily be turned to advantage as building blocks in a coherent narrative account. The figure of the holy spirit was ready-made to connect the Q material on John and Jesus with the miracle stories Mark would use.

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